Limited Edition XXV Piccolos

XXV Piccolo

August 1, 2007

To Our Flute Community,

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Burkart Flute & Piccolo Company, founded in 1982 with the purpose of bringing a better piccolo to the flutists of the world.

Working together with many of you during these years, collecting your input, gathering your requirements and developing new ideas in the workshop, we have accomplished this goal, responding with a full complement of piccolos in the Burkart family of instruments.

In celebration of this landmark year for my company, I have built a very special, limited edition Lillian Burkart piccolo – the XXV. These piccolos and headjoints are made from grenadilla out of my personal collection, wood that is more than 50 years old. Each is hand-crafted as a Deluxe model instrument with the G# facilitator. Each headjoint is engraved with my signature. There will be limited releases of this piccolo.

This XXV Lillian Burkart piccolo also premieres the 2007 improvements to the Burkart piccolo scale. I have invested six months of acoustical experimentation and prototype modeling with the conical piccolo. I believe the outcome of this research brings to you significant advances in the relative intonation of the instrument.

As a flutist and flute maker, I thank this artistic community of flutists from around the world. You have supported our successes and our growth. Burkart Flutes & Piccolos will continue our commitment to quality and to personal relationships with you.


Limited Edition XXV Lillian Burkart Piccolo

Pricing & Specifications

  • Premium 50+ Years Aged Grenadilla Wood
  • Personalized Headjoint
  • Deluxe Model with French-Style Pointed Arms
  • Split-E Mechanism and High G# Facilitator Standard

Solid 14K Gold Tenon & Rings, Solid 14K Keys: $13,500
The final piccolo of this type ever to be produced is currently available.
Add $250 for Wave Headjoint

Solid Sterling Silver Tenon & Rings on Body & Headjoint: $8,250
Add $250 for Wave Headjoint
October 2013 Update: We have 2 XXV Silver piccolos remaining.

Solid 14K Gold Tenon & Rings on Body & Headjoint: No longer available.

Please call 978-425-4500 to reserve your XXV Piccolo.

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