Repairs and Maintenance

A Burkart trained craftsman understands your instrument, and is able to protect this investment with routine maintenance over its long life.

To keep your flute or piccolo at peak performance level, it is recommended that a routine Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) be performed by an Authorized Burkart Repair Center every 12 to 18 months. A flute or piccolo overhaul can return your instrument to factory standards, and should be considered once an instrument has seen extensive usage over several years.

Please call us at 978-425-4500 or e-mail to schedule your maintenance.

For owners of Burkart instruments outside of the USA:

Please contact the authorized Burkart representative where you purchased your instrument. If this is not an option for you, Burkart has authorized several agents throughout the world to repair your Burkart instrument. Please view a list of our authorized dealers for a contact near you.

For owners of Burkart instruments within the USA:

Please call the Burkart workshop at 978-425-4500 to discuss your maintenance needs. 

The Burkart Repair Center -
Since 2007, Tim Bower, former head of the finishing and repair departments of Burkart Flutes & Piccolos, has owned and operated our primary repair facility "The Burkart Repair Center" in central Ohio.
As of March, 2016, Tim has informed us that he is temporarily unavailable for new customers. Please call our shop at 978-425-4500 to schedule your repair at our Boston-area workshop. We've increased the availability of our technicians to satisfy your repair & maintenance needs.
If you are an existing customer of Tim's, please call him at (937) 328-0566 to schedule your repair.

Click to Download Insurance Waiver

Burkart Factory & Repair Center Services Effective August 1, 2014
Warranty Work for Flutes view service No charge Plus shipping
Warranty Work for Piccolos view service No charge Plus shipping
Flute Overhaul: Silver Mechanism view service 1500 Plus shipping
Flute Overhaul: Gold Mechanism view service 1800 Plus shipping
Flute COA (Clean, Oil, Adjust) view service 350 Plus shipping
Flute Repad (Includes COA)   980 Plus shipping
Piccolo Overhaul view service 900 Plus shipping
Piccolo COA (Clean, Oil, Adjust) view service 250 Plus shipping
Elite Piccolo Repad (Includes COA)   600 Plus shipping
Professional Piccolo Repad (Includes COA)   520 Plus shipping
Hourly Rate   90 Plus shipping
Minimum Bench Fee   45 Plus shipping
Headjoint Sleeve, for fitting a .012” headjoint to a .016” flute   400 Plus shipping
  • Shipping is not included in any warranty or maintenance services.
  • For all services, shipping charges to and from the Burkart workshop or the Burkart Repair Center must be paid for by the owner.
  • For all services, insurance charges from Burkart workshop or the Burkart Repair Center must be paid for by the owner.
  • You must file a waiver with us to avoid these insurance charges.

Headjoint Fittings

We are pleased to provide headjoint fitting by our expert technicians. You are welcome to send your headjoint to the Burkart workshop or the Burkart Authorized Repair center. We do our best to provide very rapid turnaround on all headjoint fits. Kindly schedule your flute's arrival with us to avoid delays.

Fitting your new Burkart headjoint to your flute (a Burkart flute or your own older model instrument) is normally an included service. However, if your headjoint is of a different material than your flute, that is, you are matching a gold or platinum headjoint onto a silver flute, there may be extra charges and extra time involved. Please remember that fitting the headjoint ends the exchange period. Please do not fit your headjoint if you still are within your six month exchange period and are not completely satisfied with your headjoint selection.

As with all of our repairs, the player is always responsible for the return shipping and insurance. If you already have insurance on your flute, please download the insurance form from the link below, and send that in with your instrument.


Please download this insurance form and contact us to schedule your headjoint fit.