José Ananias Souza Lopes

José Ananias Souza Lopes


Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra, Brazil

“The sound of my gold Burkart flute is very special, it has many possibilities and the intonation is terrific. My Burkart flute gives me complete freedom to play in the orchestra and in chamber and solo performances! The quality and the beauty of the workmanship is outstanding, and the precision of the mechanism is stunning!”

José Ananias Souza Lopes was born in Brazil. He plays with the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and teaches at Brazil’s major summer festivals in Curitiba, Brasilia, Tatuí and Belém. He taught at the Tatuí Conservatory from 1983 to 1987, and at the São Paulo Music School since 1990. He has presented master classes at the world’s finest music schools. He has studied with Jean Noël Saghaard, Christian Lardé and Pierre-Ives Artaud in Paris, Keith Underwood, Wolfgang Schulz and Jean-Claude Gerard.

Mr. Lopes has released three CDs. The latest one, “A Brazilian Celebration,” is totally dedicated to Brazilian music.