Elite Flute Options

C# Trill  Key

C# Trill Key:

So named because it moves the B- C# and C- C# trills from the left hand to the right, while facilitating numerous other high-register trills.

Split-E Mechanism

Split-E Mechanism:

Available on flutes with either in-line or offset G keys. When fingering E, a bridge mechanism closes the lower G cup independently from the upper G cup, correcting the venting for the E3. E3 can be produced at any dynamic level with security.

G Donut:

Also enhances E3 production. When made from a synthetic material, it is included in every flute at no extra charge. If made from the same metal as the flute, it is offered at a small additional cost.

D# Roller

D# Roller:

Can be added to the D# lever to facilitate the slide from the D# to other foot joint notes below it.

Convertible B/C Foot Joint

Convertible B/C Foot Joint:

This C foot joint has an additional section to attach when the performer needs to play low B. This benefits the player who would normally wish to play the flute with a C foot.

Hand-Engraved Design Work:

Can be done on the key work of any flute to decorate and uniquely identify the individual instrument.

Pattern A

Pattern A closed hole

Pattern B

Pattern B closed hole

Pattern C

Pattern C open hole

Pattern D

Pattern E

Customization of Keys:

Done in close consultation with the performer who requires special comforts for small hands, repetitive stress, etc.