Resonance and easy control. Extremes in tonal color and dynamic range. These are the hallmarks of our luxury line of flutes available in numerous precious metals.

Crafted from aged grenadilla wood, every Burkart piccolo is unsurpassed in tonal quality and ease. The widely acclaimed Burkart piccolo is played in many of the world’s top orchestras.

World-class headjoints tailor each instrument to the unique needs of the musician. Discover your unique sound with our elegant, hand-crafted headjoints for flutes and piccolos.



Groundbreaking innovators and master musicians turn to Burkart flutes and piccolos to give voice to their artistry. Our roster of extraordinary musicians is made up of international soloists, orchestra musicians, and impassioned teachers from around the globe.

Fluxtronix photo courtesy of Erin Patrice O’Brien



The Burkart name is trusted for extraordinary quality, compelling sound, and superior design.

Skilled artisans and capable flutists make up a diverse team of highly specialized craftspeople. Together, our goal is to make flutes and piccolos that ignite your passion and enhance your musical experience. Here at Burkart, music making, instrument building, and service to players are closely integrated. 

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