Custom Handmade Piccolos

Heralded for flute-like sound and resonance, the Burkart custom handmade piccolo is the pinnacle of the American tradition.

Years of research and refinement have produced an instrument that defines the industry standard for acoustics and stability. An expansive and colorful sound makes Burkart custom handmade piccolos the premier choice for the piccolo professional.





The genesis of the Burkart tradition lies in the construction of the piccolo. The Burkart Piccolo Scale was revised in 2007, giving way to an even easier high register with incredibly accurate intonation as well as a full and resonant low register. The positioning of finger buttons and placement of touchpieces, combined with a delicate balance of spring tension, provide comfort and technical facility.









The Split-E mechanism provides effortless production of the high E. When the right-hand 2nd finger E key is closed, a small bridge closes the lower G key. This venting makes the high E easy to produce even at pianissimo – a tremendous advantage for the piccolo player.

(Professional and Elite)

G# Facilitator

A Burkart innovation, the high G# facilitator eliminates the need to use two right-hand fingers to assist in the production of a high G#. The split thumb key design is unique to Burkart and specifically benefits the piccolo player as there is no loss of high C production

(Elite Only)

Vented C Key

This auxiliary venting offers the player enhanced tonal flexibility, dynamic control, and multiple possibilities for alternate fingerings, most notably high F#.


(Elite Only)

Multi-Trill Key

This mechanism allows for an effortless, one-finger G3 to A3 trill as well as many functions of the C# trill key. (Elite Only)

14K Gold Tenon & Fittings

Tenon, fittings, and rings can be made of solid 14K gold. The addition of 14K gold, in conjunction with the natural density of grenadilla wood, lends complexity, richness, and projection to the piccolo’s sound.

14K Gold Mechanism

All keywork, ribs and posts are made of 14k Gold. A beautiful look for any piccolo, especially when paired with our gold headjoint. 



African Grenadilla Wood

All Burkart piccolos are made of hand-selected, African grenadilla wood. An extensive aging process provides unmatched stability and longevity to every piccolo. Burkart’s unique tone hole design produces a dark, resonant sound with unparalleled ease.

Sterling Silver and 14K Gold

Keywork, ribs, and posts are made of solid sterling silver, allowing for an exacting and precise mechanism fit. For added depth of sound, players can explore the gratifying response of 14K gold when added to the piccolo’s tenon, fittings, or mechanism.


Custom handmade piccolos are padded with Straubinger piccolo pads to complement the Burkart piccolo scale, adding resonance and response in all registers. Cork pads are seated in the trills, thumb keys, and G# key to wick moisture and support reliable performance in all climates




Each piccolo is available with fully customizable headjoint pairings.  Three styles of Burkart hand-cut headjoints accommodate differences in the shape of the lips, use of the oral cavity, and direction of the airstream.


The headjoint profile is carved with a slightly higher front wall (the blowing edge) and lower back wall against which the chin rests. It produces a very rich, clean, projecting tone, with easy control of dynamics. The low register is very focused, enabling good projection and articulation.


This relatively small embouchure hole, with modest rounding of the edges, is reminiscent of early French and German piccolos. The tone it produces is very focused and sweet. For players using a small aperture when playing, it will have the most stable, clear tone of the various headjoint styles.


The rectangular shape of this embouchure is slightly overcut at the sides of the embouchure hole for an open, “flute-like” sound that blends well in ensembles. Our most flexible headjoint style, you can push it to the extremes of fortissimo high notes without it being shrill, and it can produce a colorful, sustained diminuendo.


Mancke Piccolo headjoints are offered as an option when purchasing a Burkart Piccolo. Each authentic Mancke headjoint, handcrafted in the workshop of Tobias Mancke, has been hand-selected by our piccolo specialists to perfectly complement each Burkart piccolo.




World renowned handmade piccolo made from select-aged African grenadilla wood with numerous options and customizations.

Starting at $8,700 USD


World renowned handmade piccolo made from aged African grenadilla wood with popular options and customizations.

Starting at $6,350 USD


Our newest piccolo model with silver-plated keywork and aged African grenadilla wood. Numerous headjoint options available.

Starting at $4,250 USD

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