Piccolo Care

Break-In Instructions

The grenadilla wood used on Burkart and Resona piccolos is sufficiently aged to allow for players to begin playing their new instrument immediately.

Swab out your piccolo regularly and enjoy your new instrument! There is no need to limit playing time.

Climate Considerations

Keep the piccolo stored in the case and case cover when not in use to avoid prolonged exposure to the elements. Do not leave the piccolo on or near heaters during the winter. Should you need to play your piccolo after transport in a cold climate, please allow sufficient time for the instrument to acclimate to the appropriate indoor temperature. Warm up the piccolo by holding it closely to the body. Allow body heat to warm up the outside of the piccolo – do not blow into the instrument to warm it.

Case humidifiers and other devices are not recommended.

Use of Almond Oil

We do not recommend oiling the body of the piccolo because oil is damaging to the pads. Should discoloration and drying occur around the embouchure hole of the headjoint, a small amount of almond oil may be rubbed on the outside of the headjoint to rejuvenate the wood.

Custom Handmade

  • Repairs performed outside a Burkart authorized workshop will void any warranty obligation.
  • Burkart will not reimburse for work on instruments during the warranty period performed outside of our workshop.
  • Warranty services do not include service of damaged/dropped instruments.
  • Warranty services do not include a Clean, Oil & Adjust, which is considered regular maintenance.
Dealer Repair & Warranty

If you have purchased an instrument from an authorized Burkart dealer, please check with the dealer regarding their warranty policy. Burkart Flutes will assist the dealer with warranty service beyond the scope of padding, adjustments and headjoint fit.

Elite and Professional Piccolos
  • Pad work and adjustments (1 year)
  • Cracking of body or headjoint (2 years)
  • Mechanism failure arising from defects in the crafting process (3 years)
  • Burkart offers a 2 month piccolo headjoint exchange from the original date of purchase.
Elite and Professional Flutes
  • Pad work and adjustments (1 year)
  • Mechanism failure arising from defects in the crafting process (3 years)
  • Solder joints in the body or headjoint (3 years)
  • 6 month exchange on your headjoint (starting on date of shipment/invoice)
  • Burkart guarantees that the sterling silver on the instrument is of quality material and workmanship; however, Burkart does not guarantee against tarnish by reason of perspiration acid, corrosive atmosphere, or other external causes.
Case and Surface Finish Warranty

Burkart is not liable for any surface discoloration that may result from a Burkart instrument being stored in any case other than the original case supplied by the manufacturer. Effective January 2020, the polishing of any surface discoloration resulting from any defective case, manufacturer supplied or otherwise, will incur an hourly polishing charge of $100. An approved replacement case will be available for purchase at a discounted price. Shipping charges to and from our workshop must be paid by the customer. For more information, please contact our instrument specialists.

Flute and Piccolo Headjoint Exchange

Most flute headjoints purchased directly from Burkart can be exchanged for another headjoint for up to six months from the date of purchase. Piccolo headjoints can be exchanged for up to 2 months from the date of purchase. The headjoint must be in good repair (free from scratches and dings) and cannot be fit to your flute. Your exchange value will be reduced by any work. This headjoint exchange excludes Platinum and 19.5K Gold headjoints. The headjoint exchange is non-transferrable. Normal fees for headjoint trials apply.


  • Warranty services are provided by the dealer or its agents. Please contact your place of purchase for warranty service information.
  • Each Resona Flute, Piccolo, and headjoint is certified to have met Burkart USA factory finishing and inspection controls.
  • Purchaser is entitled to a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty includes pad work and standard adjustments during the break-in period.
  • This warranty does not include service of damaged instruments. Dents and scratches are not covered under warranty.
Surface Finish

Burkart-Phelan, Inc. certifies that the finish on each Resona Flute and Resona Piccolo is of quality material and workmanship. Burkart does not guarantee against deterioration of plating or tarnish on the solid silver body by reason of perspiration acid, corrosive atmosphere, or other external causes. Silver plate can erode in the hands of a player with acidic perspiration. Burkart-Phelan, Inc. will not replace or repair deterioration of silver plating caused by your usage.

Solder Connections

Burkart-Phelan, Inc. provides a limited manufacturer warranty on all soldered connections for the Resona Flute or Piccolo for a period of two years. Please contact your dealer for more assistance.

Grenadilla Wood

Burkart-Phelan, Inc provides a 2 year limited manufacturer warranty on all grenadilla wood Resona Piccolo headjoints and Resona Piccolo bodies.