Every headjoint is handmade and tested to assure tonal and artistic integrity.

Whether you need a headjoint with power and projection for the orchestra, one with sweetness and tonal complexity for chamber music, or one that plays easily for the gig scene, Burkart headjoints are crafted with the player’s sensibility in mind. 


Professor of Flute at Vanderbilt University,
Grammy Winner, and Co-Founder of Beta-Collide

“The absolute reliability of my Burkart flute and piccolo constantly impresses me.

The depth of sound offered by my 998 silver flute is outstanding,
and I love the tonal possibilities offered by my piccolo.”

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A wide selection of innovative metal combinations and
two distinctive headjoint styles offer the player
a full palette of timbral color.


Unsurpassed tone and resonance have made
Burkart piccolo headjoints the preeminent choice
for players of all levels.