Professional Flute Pricing

All prices in US $. Burkart offers a 5% cash discount.


ModelB Foot
.016″ Sterling Silver$10,500
.018″ Sterling Silver$10,500
9K G&S$11,980
5-95 Platinum Enhanced Silverdiscontinued
14K Rose gold with silver rings, silver keys, and silver ribsdiscontinued

Flute Options

 Professional Silver micro-Link Mechanism
C# Trill Key$850
Split-E Mechanism$950
D# Roller$300

Flute Headjoint Upgrades

Note: The Flute pricing includes the headjoint of the same metal type. If you wish to upgrade to a different metal type, please contact your Burkart representative for pricing.

5-95 Riser
(upgrade available on 5-95 platinum-enhanced silver headjoints)
14K Gold Riser
(upgrade available on sterling silver & 998 silver headjoints)
14K Gold Embouchure
(riser & lip-plate) (upgrade available on sterling silver, 998 silver, and 10K headjoints)
Platinum Riser
(upgrade available on sterling silver, 998 silver, and 5-95 Platinum-enhanced silver headjoints.)