Metal Options

Platinum  (Elite only)

The Burkart platinum flute is made with a .011″ wall of an extraordinary alloy, SSP, which intensifies the Burkart characteristics of resonance, responsiveness, and projection. Our platinum flutes are the most stable in terms of response and offer the flutist the most extreme dynamic possibilities.

14K White or Rose Gold
(Elite only)

Our 14K gold flutes feature the traditional rose or white gold alloys. The 14K flute produces a full, deep, rich timbre. A solid 14K rose gold mechanism is also offered on the Elite model. A gold mechanism will not tarnish and retains its luster for many lifetimes of enjoyment.

10K Rose Gold
(Elite only)
The 10K rose gold flute offers the flutist the opportunity to explore the added depth of gold while retaining the beautiful brilliance of a silver flute. The 10K gold Lillian Burkart Elite flute is made with solid gold tubing in a 0.014″ wall thickness. It has silver tone holes, rings, and keywork. The standard flute includes a silver embouchure. An optional upgrade to a 14K embouchure is available.
9K G&S
(Professional & Elite)

The exterior of the body and headjoint are 9K gold and the interior is sterling silver. The tubing is crafted in 0.016″ wall thickness of which the 9K gold layer comprises 20%. This flute marries the best tonal qualities of gold and silver. Rich in aesthetic appeal, the 9K Gold & Silver flute is extremely rewarding to play.

5-95 Platinum Enhanced Silver
(Elite Only)

Made from 5% pure platinum and 95% pure silver with a wall thickness of 0.016″, this flute delivers an increased spectrum of color -as with gold or platinum- but with considerably less weight. Combining focused sound and good projection, the dynamics and intensity are greater than with sterling silver.

Sterling Silver
(Professional & Elite)

Burkart’s™ standard silver flutes are made of sterling silver (92.5% silver).
They are available in tubing thicknesses of:
0.016″ -Our most popular wall thickness with a solid, warm timbre (Professional & Elite)
0.018″ The darkest, roundest, and most robust sound in the sterling silver family (Professional & Elite)

998 Silver
(Elite only)

Our 998 silver flute has the tonal depth, color, and projection of a platinum flute, the warmth of a gold flute, and yet speaks with the shimmer and brilliance of a silver flute. The resonance of this flute is the result of its extraordinary 99.8% pure silver tube that is both hard and reflective. Hardness imparts vibrancy, color, and a beautiful distinction in the sound of the Lillian Burkart Elite 998 silver flute.