Headjoints Overview

Flute Headjoint

The Burkart Flute Headjoint

By listening to the needs of flutists, Lillian Burkart has developed an awareness of changes in players’ sensibilities regarding sound production and response. This drives the design of the headjoint. Every headjoint is tested by the founder to assure artistic and tonal integrity with her design. Whether your need is for a powerful, rich headjoint with projection in the orchestral environment, a sweet sound for chamber music, or a mellow and easy headjoint in the studio or club, at Burkart we will make you the appropriate headjoint.

The Burkart Piccolo Headjoint

The piccolo sound has a notable presence when used in the ensemble. The player’s ability to control it with ease is greatly affected by the embouchure shapes. To accommodate differences in the shape of the lips, use of the oral cavity, and direction of the airstream, Lillian Burkart has developed three styles of headjoint for the piccolo.