• Bate, Philip: The Flute
    First published in 1969, Bate’s book documents the flute’s history through the first half of the twentieth century. Ernest Benn, London and W.W. Norton, New York ISBN 0-393-01292-1 (USA)

  • Click to order from Amazon.comBenade, Arthur H.: Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics
    A great introduction to musical acoustics with two chapters on woodwinds. Written from an educator’s viewpoint, it includes thought-provoking problems. No difficult mathematics. Dover Publications, Inc., New York ISBN 0-486-26484-X
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  • Brand, Erick: Erick Brand Repair Manual
    Considered by many in the repair industry as ‘The Bible’. Does not contain much about padding, but covers dent removal, tone hole repair, etc. very well. Available from Ferree’s Tools, Inc., 1477 East Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49017 ($22.50)

  • Debost, Michel: The Simple Flute
    Based on the French version published in 1996 by Editions van de Velde, Paris, “The Simple Flute” addresses in alphabetical order articulation, breathing, and tone as well as such typical Debost concepts as “finger phrasing”, “jawboning”, “little devils”, “tenuto, sostenuto, ritenuto”, and the “scale game”. “The Simple Flute” also offers musical examples and illustrations by Jeanne Roth. The book has received advanced praise from Leone Buyse, Aur’le Nicolet and Emmanuel Pahud. The Simple Flute is available from Flute World, P.O. Box 248, Franklin, Michigan 48025 USA (E-mail:, Fax: ++1 (248) 855-2525.

  • coverFletcher, Neville H. and Rossing, Thomas D.: The Physics of Musical Instruments
    A thorough analysis of musical acoustics and the mechanics behind them. Not for the mathematically challenged. An excellent resource for the theoretician. Springer, New York ISBN 0-387-98374-0
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  • Jeans, Sir James: Science and Music
    In the tradition of Helmholtz’s Tonempfindungen, Jeans explores the physics of sound and hearing but from a more modern perspective. A good introduction to musical acoustics. Dover Publications, Inc., New York ISBN 0-486-61964-8

  • Click to order from Amazon.comNederveen, C.J.: Acoustical Aspects of Woodwind Instruments
    A ‘must read’ for anyone interested in woodwind design. Extremely thorough, it provides ‘recipes’ for virtually every bore geometry. Northern Illinois University Press, DeKalb ISBN 0-87580-577-9
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