Elite Piccolo Options

Elite Deluxe Model

The Deluxe model features an upgrade to French-style pointed arms attaching the cups of all closed-hole keys.

Elite Deluxe Piccolo

Elite Deluxe Model with Multi-Trill Key

This mechanism allows for an effortless, one-finger G3 to A3 trill as well as many functions of the C# trill key.

Elite Deluxe Piccolo

G# Facilitator:

Another Burkart innovation, the high G# facilitator eliminates the need to use two right-hand fingers to assist in the production of a high G#. Unlike prior European facilitators, this design does not inhibit the production of high C—it is activated automatically when the player fingers G#. The split key Burkart design is a unique and important benefit to the piccolo player with no loss of high C production.

Vented C Key:

This auxiliary venting offers the player enhanced tonal flexibility, dynamic control, and multiple possibilities for alternate fingerings, most notably high F#.


14K Gold Mechanism:

A beautiful look for any piccolo, especially when paired with our gold headjoint.