Passionate Player Spotlight: Zinnie Jones

Jul 13, 2021

In our new Passionate Player Spotlight series we highlight some of the unique and exciting personalities who make up #TeamBurkart.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on Zinnie Jones, an IT Project Manager who participates in therapeutic music to heal and connect with people around her. She also plays her flute in local churches and across the DC area!

What type of Burkart instrument do you own?

I play a Burkart Elite Sterling Silver Heavy Wall flute with an M2 Style 9k Gold on Silver headjoint. I have also paired a Mancke Mopane Wooden flute headjoint with my Bernhard Hammig African Wood Flute.


Tell us a little more about you!

I am Zinnie Jones, an adult amateur flutist. I believe that everyone has a platform and that there are people each of us are destined to reach as musicians. I use my Burkart flute to provide comfort care as a hospice volunteer. I have played live therapeutic music at the bedside of patients. I have also played for tired and stressed health care workers. During Covid, volunteering was suspended, but I look forward to the day when I can volunteer again. Music has a way of reaching people when words cannot. The vibrations and atmosphere that are created when you play live music for people have healing properties. I enjoy being that healing presence in the room- this is an intimate place and it is all about the person not about you. I also play my flute at local churches for fundraisers to help the needy and provide music for worship services with two local church orchestras. I form duets and trios playing at weddings and local events. Flute has taken me places I have never dreamed of going. I have met many incredible people along the way. I also use my flute as a member of the Chesapeake Flute Consort. We often play at various conventions like the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention, and we have also played at the National Flute Associate Convention. I am a member of both organizations.


What does flute or piccolo playing look like in your daily or weekly life?

I typically start with Terri Sanchez’s Epic Warm-up, some long tones, scales, an etude, and whatever beautiful piece of music strikes me at the time. It could be a sonata, jazz standard, r&b, hymn, show tune …whatever is resonating with my soul. Practice is fun and it is a part of my everyday life. I either practice before my workday begins or immediately after it ends. Normally, I would be rehearsing with the Chesapeake Flute Consort in preparation for a concert. Since COVID, we scaled back and did monthly zoom meetings to stay connected. Now that things are starting to open up, I will connect with my duet partner.


What are some of your favorite pieces to listen to or play?

I love listening to a wide variety of music. I love to listen to Kathleen Battle’s “So Many Stars” album, show tunes … oh my… the Greatest Showman and Hamilton make me happy, and they are great when I walk in the morning. Anything Yo-Yo Ma … I so love the cello- very meditative. I enjoy listening to jazz musicians- I am intrigued by their musicianship. Other flutist I enjoy listening to are Marina Piccinini because of her musical interpretations and the way she communicates with the flute. I really enjoy Terri Sanchez. Her playing is warm and inviting, and it is like visiting with a friend…amazing! Amy Porter’s Bach cello sonatas from memory…do I need to say more. I must mention Hubert Laws- he is king, and I have loved his playing all my life. The way he fuses jazz and classical is beyond amazing. I appreciate their musicianship and learn so much about the flute from listening to them and so many others.

Me, well, I enjoy playing the Platonov studies. They are so beautiful and can each be played as a solo piece. Sonata No. 3 Mov. 2 by Gaubert reminds me of simpler times- so many colors each note drips with sweetness … ahh. Pavane by Ravel I love playing when I volunteer. It brings so much comfort. Autumn by Beeftink, Soliloquy by Jake Heggie …there are so many beautiful pieces, but these are few of my favorites to play. I also enjoy listening and playing pieces by composers that I know personally. Like Daniel Dorff. His music is so imaginative and soulful … 3 Lakes is like a Spiritual experience. Daniel always takes you on a journey. Eugene Magalif, his music is so much fun to play, the colors, the way he connects with people, he is a gentle soul, and it radiates from his compositions. Eugene’s Romances are so moving and visual I could write a book about the things I see and feel when I play music by these two composers. Can you tell I am a fan? *smile*


Why is making music an important part of your life?

Making music is an important part of my life because, to me, it is the highest expression of love for people, nature, the universe, and God. It allows me to communicate who I am and connect with people from different cultures. Music is therapeutic and healing. Music to me is a form of self-care.


As a musician, what are your goals for the future?

As a musician my future goals are to 1. create performance opportunities for myself and others. 2. To create a scholarship fund that serves two purposes a. help up and coming flutists afford a beautiful instrument like my Burkart Elite and 2. help provide tuition assistance.

Zinnie with her Burkart Flute

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